Considering Parenting?

No one says that choosing to parent is an easy decision. It may be the most difficult in terms of how your life will be changed, but only you can determine if parenting is the best decision for you.

It’s true that parenting costs money – more than you might have right now. The PHC offers all the information and resources you need to help you make a confident pregnancy decision.

We also partner with a number of public programs and private organizations within our community to assist you and provide help and support going forward.


Obviously your first step is confirming your pregnancy. If that is something that you still need to do, call us for a No Charge Pregnancy Evaluation. Included in our evaluation is:

  • Lab-Quality Pregnancy Tests
  • Ultrasound performed by our licensed nurse and reviewed by our Medical Director
    • To determine if there is a viable pregnancy
    • To look for health or safety concerns for the woman that may require immediate attention (such as an ectopic pregnancy)
    • To determine how far along the pregnancy is

Following the confirmation, you will meet with one of our professionals one-on-one to have all your medical concerns and questions addressed along with going over all of your pregnancy options.

Call today to schedule your initial consultation!