Is keeping my baby the best choice for me?
Only you can answer that question. No one says that choosing to keep your baby is an easy decision. It may be the most difficult in terms of how your life will be changed, but it can also be more rewarding than you could ever imagine.

Can I even afford to keep my baby?
It’s true that raising a child costs money – more than you might have right now. But there is help available. The PRC offers the “Earn While You Learn” program which allows mothers to get various baby necessities for their children up to 2 years of age such as diapers, formula, baby clothing, baby furniture and much more. In addition, there are a number of public programs and private organizations you can turn to for help to pay for your needs before, during and after your pregnancy. Plus, there’s help regarding education and long-term career planning. It is also important to know that the father of the baby is legally required to financially support his child regardless of your relationship with him.

Can I be a good parent?
The most important thing any child needs is to be loved, something most mothers do naturally. The PRC offers the EWYL program that will educate you and help you develop parenting skills, such as what to do when my baby’s sick, or how to help your baby learn and grow in the best way possible.

Will I be able to stay in School?
It is important for both you and your baby that you get as much education as possible. Many school districts provide day care for the children of their students; all provide alternatives to earning a high school diploma. Family members and friends may be willing to help care for the baby while you finish your education. Your future is important – ask for help, make a commitment and watch yourself achieve your goals.

Can I lose my job?
It is illegal to fire a woman because she is pregnant. In fact, in some circumstances, the law requires that your employer make adjustments in your job to keep things safer for you and your baby.